Spruce Goose Christmas Tree Farm 


GPS Address:
194 Bordentown-Georgetown Rd. Chesterfield NJ 08515
Please maintain distance of 6ft and wear a mask.
Your health and safety are important to us. We follow the NCTA www.realchristmastrees.org Covid-19 Recommendations!
We accept:

Hours of Operation 2021
Closed Tuesdays Wednesdays & Thursdays
OPENING DAY- THANKSGIVING 11/25/21 from 9 to 2pm
Open November 26-29 from 9 to 5pm
Open December 3-6 from 9 to 5pm
Open December 10-11 from 9 to 5pm
Last day for Field Trees SATURDAY December 11, 2021!
Last day for Christmas Shop/Barn is Monday December 13, 9-5pm.
Prices $65 and up
Thank you for your business! 


No Pets Allowed!
*We do our best to ensure a safe environment for all our customers*

Spruce Goose Services
– Netting: to compact tree for transport
-Tree Shaking: rids dead needles
-Twine: securing your tree to car
-Family Fun
-Saws sharpened for a good cut
-Tree Wagons

800px-military_flag_of_the_united_states_svgActive Military Service Thank You Gift

One gift per military family with the purchase of a cut-your-own field tree.

We support the NJ Agricultural Society’s Farmers Against Hunger — connecting healthy food from farms to families! Spruce Goose Farm matches all donations collected from our customers!